we are est ventures

We fund BIPOC & women-led companies driving innovation.

Our mission

Our mission is to prioritizefunding for diversefounders that are committed to changing the world.

The Problem

There is a massive gap in funding between traditional founders and BIPOC/female-led startups.

Funding is 2.6% for black founders and 2.3% for women-led startups
The Problem

The performance of diverse teams compared with all-male teams, have shown to be superior.

Diverse teams perform better than all-male teams
The Problem

Diverse teams are more likely to generate more revenue than
non-diverse teams.

Diverse teams generate more revenue than non-diverse teams
how we invest

We use our expertise and diverse deal flow to invest.

3 traditional funds

We have established three "traditional" funds: Agriculture and Ag Tech, Cannabis, BIPOC/Women Founders.


We work with companies and investors on a low-cost SPV alternative to help drive success for the company.

Private Placements

We work with accredited institutional investors and family offices to drive private placement in unique opportunities.

our difference

We are a bit different than a traditional VC firm.

Deep deal flow

With deeply rooted international networks of relationships we have access to deal flow that is stronger and earlier than any other VC firm. Plus, we have the deep insights of what can and will drive the success of a company.

Industry veterans

Our network of allies across the country – built on more than 100 years of work – are running companies; making billion-dollar investments; and driving systemic change, from farms to multinational corporations.

Expert experience

Few people get to run startups. Even fewer do it multiple times. We've scaled hundreds of entities from an idea to budgets backed by hundreds of millions of dollars. Each is under immense pressure, with limited windows to scale.

the team

Our team has the expertise
to pick winners that deliver returns.

100+ years of leading, raising and managing some of the most important campaigns, organizations and causes our country has seen.

Picture of Tucker McDonald
Will Hailer
Managing Partner
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Picture of Tucker McDonald
Tucker McDonald
Strategic Partner
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Tim Mynett
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Keith R. Mestrich
Board Chair
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Don Jones
Strategic Partner
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Collin Peterson
Senior Advisor
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Calvin Wilborn
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